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  • Entrepreneur
  • Public Speaker 
  • Business Builder 
  • Brand Ambassador
  • Social Media Strategist
  • Social Media Influencer
  • Educational Technologist
  • Public Figure
  • Content Creator
  • Southern Girl
  • Thought Leader 
  • #1 Best-Selling Author 
  • Award-Winning Lux Event Planner & Designer 






Ask any of her thousands of global followers - especially the 11,000-plus who’ve learned to monetize their social media, and the 700-plus who’ve created six-figure incomes – and they’ll be happy to tell you. The reason why Ashley Ann’s main landing page – the one where she invites everyone to “Live Your Dream!” and “Convert Followers to Buyers” – is called is that, quite literally, when Ashley Ann speaks, lives change, major “side hustles” happen, big money gets made, influence and brands build and worlds are conquered beyond anything that her clients could previously have imagined. Since launching her consultancy in 2015 out of her foundational, still going stronger than ever wedding and event planning company (, the Little Rock, AR-based award-winning serial entrepreneur has helped 146 clients create million-dollar incomes, with nine consistently doing million-dollar months. Her “Prosperity over Popularity” mindset training has helped over 1000 businesses generate between $25-45K per month using Facebook, Instagram, and Livestream. Known in the event and business worlds for her charismatic personality, revolutionary ideas, and concrete results, Ashley has clients all over the world – including Australia, Ireland, England, Canada, Belize, Japan, South Africa, Ghana, Nigeria, etc.

In addition to having one million followers on her @KingAshleyAnn Instagram page and 195,000 followers on Facebook, Ashley Ann is a Google Partner and has been featured on countless business news outlets – including Yahoo Finance, Yahoo Life, CNN Money, Kontrol, MSN, Breitbart, NewBreak, Business Insider, Newsweek, CNBC, Sheen, Morning Mix Up, Doz, Rolling Out Magazine, Fox News, KATV, WoW City and, STAND’s 30 Under 30. With her, Instagram-focused Insta-Coin Academy program and #LateNightBiz show on the Instagram and TikTok – where she offers free social media marketing and business training to counteract people getting ripped off in the consulting industry – she teaches metrics, numbers, terms, systems, advertising formulas, and other key elements to building online businesses. Not that it’s truly a secret, but to use the well-worn phrase, one of the secrets to Ashley Ann’s success is her ability to simplify social media, lead magnets, the process of funneling, and CVO so that her clients achieve desired outcomes. “I teach you how to find their purpose and make money doing things they like to do and are good at,” she says, “to help you build an audience and community of people who care about what you are interested in and what you can offer them. I explain funnels like they’re going on a date and sealing the deal and smashing it. “My clients like the fact that I’m approachable,” Ashley Ann adds. “I don’t present myself like I’m the end all, be all master. I’m just a regular girl like you’re a regular person, and I want you to let me give you a path to success that works for you. Another thing is that folks don’t see a lot of black women in this space, doing what I’m doing – especially one who’s big and tall and has these long eyelashes. It’s easy for people to remember me!” 


I was struggling with my online store. Ashley Ann taught me how to use social media to drive traffic to my store & now I'm making $5K-$7k every month! 

- Mark Jones 

This time last year I couldn't get a client....although I had made money online years prior (never this much at once) and now one year later (really 9 months later) my life and business are barely recognizable! I've made over $300,000.00!

-Shayla Smart 

After hearing Ashley Ann speak I feel like I can overcome anything. I was deeply moved by how open she was with her story, her struggles, and how she was able to pull herself out of a hole and create a new life for herself. I loved that she gave practical tips on how to change your circumstances...I really needed this.

- Jazmine Reader

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  • How to Build Community via Social Media
  • How To Create a Buying Base
  • Live Streaming Foundations & Monetization
  • Live Streaming Engagement
  • Facebook & Instagram Ads Training - Beginners
  • Facebook & Instagram Ads Training - Intermediate & Advanced
  • How to Create High Converting Ads
  • How to Increase Social Media Engagement
  • Social Media Conversion & Monetization
  • How to Generate Traffic
  • The Secret to Selling thru Social Media
  • The Price is Right - How to Price

View Ashley's Keynote, Convention, & Conference Speaker Sheet Below

  • The Power of Choice: Living Your Dreams
  • Dream Life 101: How to Create Your Dream Life Using What is at Your Disposal
  • Mindset Mastery: How to Overcome Life's Challenges
  • How to Master Your Message: Message Clarity & Conversion
  • Focused or Frazzled: Effective Networking & Creating Opportunity
  • How to Do Anything: Putting things in Perspective
  • Build Your Brand: How to Market & Build your Brand with Your Social Media

View Ashley's Wedding & Event Speaker Sheet Below


  • How to Use Social Media to Book More Clients
  • Facebook & Instagram Ads: Secrets that Put You in front of Clients Who Can Afford Your Services
  • The Price is Right - Are You Charging Enough?
  • Event Planning Basics
  • How to Create a Signature Event


  • Flower Building & Display Creation
  • Floral Basics - Beginners Journey into Floral and Event Design
  • Styled Shoot Workshop
  • Facebook & Instagram Ads Training
  • How to Qualify Leads & Close Contracts