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What Ashleys clients are saying:

Shayla Smart

This time last year I couldn't get a client....although I had made money online years prior (never this much at once) and now one year later (really 9 months later) my life and business are barely recognizable! I've made over $300,000.00!

Mark Jones

I was struggling with my online store. Ashley Ann taught me how to use social media to drive traffic to my store & now I'm making $5K-$7k every month! 

 Dr. Carilton

My Ebook wasn't selling at all. I met Ashley at a conference & decided to work with her. It was the Best Decision of my Life. I now have sold ver 2800 Books in just a little over a month from taking her Facebook Workshop

I've helped over 5,000 business owners make money online!

Hi, I am Ashley Ann and I'm a social media strategist and a business builder. I spend my time helping people make money online using their social media accounts. So far I have help over 11,000 business owners catch them coins! And I am now offering Instagram and Periscope advertising @kingashleyann. The ads that I post to promote your brand are not salesly at all, they simply express your brands message or how awesome your product or service is. Let's work together! See my rates below.

-King Ashley Ann

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King Ashley Ann's viewership:

  • 5 Million+ views/ impressions per week
  • 30,000+ unique IG Stories views per week
  • 3,750 average live stream viewers 
  • 5,000 average replay viewers  

Audience Demographics:

  • 85% of followers are Small Business Owners & Entrepreneurs 
  • 73% Women 
  • 27% Men 
  • Average Income $65,000-$115,000
  • Average Household size 3 
  • Average Age 30-55 
  • 70% African American 
  • 15% Latin American 
  • 9% Caucasian 
  • 6% Other
  • 40% are Momprenuers  


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Please read promotion rules before submitting payment to avoid delays. See our rules




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